Despite spring mating events being some of the lowest in a couple of decades and difficulties in maintaining nucs, February was exceptional with a consistent 10–14-day turnaround using emerging cells in polys
or three-frame nucs. Early April has been quite cold with heavy rain and thunder for two consecutive nights. But the following week’s forecast is for an exceptionally warm week for April, so may the last of all those virgins get out and about and return home.

March saw atmospheric dew at night, helping with the robbing problem, which in late January was exceptionally difficult. Varroa treatments are now well and truly installed, and levels still appear low. Long may this last.

In the town boundary, honey bees are covering flowers of ivy hedges. I need to immediately stop writing this report to harvest the remainder of my beautiful black table grapes before they are all damaged with honey bees harvesting the high sugar content juice.

- Maggie James