The leaves are falling thick and fast, the daffodils are starting to poke through and the last of the warm days have not been falling on my weekend, which has made it difficult to check up on all the hives in a timely manner.

Fortunately they seem to know what to do and have kept doing it well, only a very small patch of brood left in most hives with generally good stores of honey and pollen. As usual, there are always some rebels that will need feeding to keep them going through the winter.

With the help of a few club members, the preparation for the Beekeepers’ Day Out went well and it was a great day! Ground-breaking research and informative speakers brightened the day, despite the downpour outside. Here are a few ‘sneak peek’ photos. Look out for the full article and images in next month’s edition. 

Some of the attendees arriving at the Beekeepers' Day Out (12 May) at the outset of the day.

The North Canterbury Beekeepers Club had a stand as a Club fundraiser. All bee products were made from the Club’s apiary and were accurately labelled. The Club also carried out tasks for the Hub throughout the day.

Kaipak Ltd was one of the silver sponsors of the Beekeepers' Day Out, along with 100% Pure New Zealand Honey. Platinum sponsor NZ Beeswax is pictured at right. Photos: Nick Thorp.

- Nick Thorp for the NCBC Team