We have experienced quite a settled autumn with some very pleasant days over the last two months, some overcast but no strong winds. I noticed a thin sheet of ice on some beehive lids early April with a few light frosts after that, but still quite mild. Beekeepers have been busy wintering hives, removing varroa treatments and shifting hives back to permanent sites after pollination. Bees are still quite active on sunny days as of early May.

Giant aphid willow dew doesn’t appear to be too much of a problem in my area and wasps have had a minimal presence generally. The weekend following Easter saw some intense rain in Mid Canterbury, especially in the Ashburton area and down into South Canterbury. This would help the many winter feed crops for overwintering stock. The lawn mowers will be going for a while yet.

I saw a school roadside sign recently which said, “Leave everything a little bit better than you found it.’’ Bees do that, don’t they?

- Noel Trezise