I have just started reading a new book released this year entitled The Honey Bus by Meredith May, as recommended by one of our other club members. It’s a very well written and easy-to-read book with some great life lessons for us all, along with some great ideas on teaching beekeeping to youngsters and anyone else.

Wasps seem to have been taking advantage of the generally mild winter with more workers starting to appear, not a great sign for the coming season.

The weather has been changeable (and unfortunately, rubbish on my last few weekends), so inspecting the brood boxes to see exactly what’s happening has not been possible. However, the hives are bringing in plenty of pollen and are losing their winter weight, a sure sign they are building for spring. Some may need feeding before too long as spring seems to be starting early, and a cold snap could finish off some of the stronger hives that are getting through the last of their stores faster than the rest.

- Nick Thorp and the NCBC team