Wow have we had some rain .As a result of the prolonged wet weather we have had in the region, the likes of we have not experienced since the early 50s that’s right the 50s.,many crops have been adversely affected. Potato, strawberry,  cherry, grain growers and small seed producers just about every body  really. I had a case of one crop of Radish I was pollinating totally written off. It was in an area of high spring water so was a bit of an exception. The later flowering  carrot seed crops had missed the worst of the wet and so now  are looking good. Farmers have had a break on having to start irrigation early, a trend that has been with us over the last few years, I have noticed them going since about mid  December or so.  The wet weather has been accompanied with some dull overcast weather also, in between the wet days, which hasn’t been of much help to anybody either, except for some catch up time maybe. The foothills still have a tinge of green on the higher slopes, normally burnt off by now. There has been some extra feeding required, but not a heavy feeding round throughout this period as looked liked might be necessary. Beehive site access has been difficult[boggy] even on the flat land. Early January as I write the honey crop still hangs in the balance hives generally are looking good, with almost a box of honey on or more in some places.  Hay and silage contractors are flat out working into the night cutting  grass on the hot days, we have had a few over 30 degrees.  This will  encourage some short clover growth which is best for producing nectar.  Everything is there, ground moisture, heat and pasture. It just depends what the weather will do next. I have got to go and put some more boxes on now that most  of the hives that were in pollination service are out. Happy new year to all.

Noel Trezise S.C.